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known as Dr . B , is an Ultimate Legacy Builder . Dr . B . is a global publisher , visionary woman leader , networker , international speaker , and educator . She has a radio show called Facturando Tu Historia ( PowerTalk Live ) on Radio Metroplex in Arlington , Texas , the capital of sports , entertainment , and events . After experiencing a major life reorganization , Angelica , who is always daring , regroups , refocuses , and repurposes her life to inspire and motivate women to keep going no matter how hard life hits them . She shows women entrepreneurs how to scale their businesses , become financially literate , and use financial knowledge to make better decisions , from everyday spending to long-term financial planning . Angelica ’ s “ Mission with Millions ” concept is to share her key life recipes with people worldwide . She is also a Neuro-Linguistic and Hypnosis trainer and holds retreats worldwide , and her story is being written and shared worldwide by the Women ’ s World Conference and Awards . Angelica has been featured on NBC , USA Today , and Fox and recognized as an Amazing Woman of Influence . When asked what her greatest accomplishment is , she quickly points out raising my two sons ; family always comes first ! Now as a grandma , Angelica is excited to share her experiences in an inspiring and empowering story , “ Dare to Be You : No Matter the Circumstances ,” in our Nana ’ s Wisdom section . is an accomplished Creatrix Interpersonal-Executive Coach , Public Speaker , International Creative Mindset Strategist , and NLP Trainer . She holds several honorary doctorates in Divinity , Philosophy in Metaphysics , Philosophy in Abundance Counseling , and Literature in Education . Sofie is also a 4-time Bestselling Author and Founder of the Circle of Creative Masters Institute & The Athena Coaching ( Spiritual Development ) program . She serves as a Global Advisor and Educator and is the Co-Host of the online live show " Wisdom Café " and Program Chair of MEETx , a speaking platform inspired by TEDx . Sofie is the Executive President of the Charles Walters Society for Innovation and Research and Co-Founder of the " Laughter Mindset Experience " and " M . E . T . A . Shift " Program . Her award-winning and bestselling book “ Optimize Your Creative Mindset ” helps people unleash their power of imagination . When Sofie came across the Call-Out Invitation for Stories for our World Greatest Moms Book , she jumped on the chance to honor her beloved mom , her " creative confidence " role model , by submitting a story , “ Her Legacy of Love and Empowerment Lives On ” to be included in the upcoming compilation book . I am delighted and honored to share her empowering story as a special sample post in our World Greatest Moms section to inspire and encourage you to take action in reserving your spot in honoring your Mom and Leaving a Legacy of Love . This heart-centered and passion-driven project serves to preserve the endearing memories of your Moms in perpetuity !
ANN PAPAYOTI is the founder of SkyView Coaching . She is an international life , leadership , and relationship coach , speaker , writer , educator , and co-author of The Gift of Shift , an intimate self-help book . Ann is an Expert Contributor for YourTango Media and has been featured in MSN , Google , Yahoo , and Apple News . She has spoken at conferences , summits , and commemorations , both live and online , throughout North America . Ann captivates , educates , and inspires thousands through sharing her personal experiences of loss , transition , and triumph and helps them attain their personal and professional goals . Known among her friends as the go-to girl if you are experiencing problems , Ann could have started her own ‘ Dear Annie ’ column decades ago . Little did she know then that listening with empathy was an invaluable , innate skill that would become the foundation of her life ’ s work . Ann ’ s remarkable life journey and passion for family love are hallmark examples . Ann returns with an insightful look on friendship and support to assist “ Stunned in Southlake ” in her advisory column , “ Dear Annie .”
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