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With Gratitude and Blessings Always , Johnny
perspectives , I learned that “ Our Past Always Helped Shape the Present and Inspires the Future !”
Within the upcoming pages , you will find extraordinary stories of Motherly Love for our incredible expert contributors , from their own experiences as a daughter , a mother , and , interestingly enough , a surrogate mother who joyfully contributes to bringing happiness to others .
Leaving a Legacy of Love comes in many ways . At From My Mama ’ s Kitchen ® we believe in sharing that remarkable story about the heartfelt moment we experienced with our mom . For Mother ’ s Day 2022 and the first anniversary of our Inspirations for Better Living digital magazine , we called out to readers in our April edition to share their mommy stories of “ Why is My Mom the Greatest Mom ?” It was a fantastic success . Please check out our 2022 May edition to read those inspiring and empowering stories !
We are more ambitious for Mother ’ s Day this year . We want you to share your beautiful story with the world ! We are currently putting together a compilation book titled World Greatest Moms . Please go to page 30 for more details on how you can participate in this heart-centered and passion-driven project . Together , let ’ s Leave a Legacy of Love with your personal story of your mom , and you that will contribute to someone else ’ s joy and happiness ! Please go to page 28 to read one of the empowering stories in the upcoming World Greatest Mom book to inspire you . You can reserve your spot by going to page 30 to learn more .
My 9 Moms often reminded me that “ Opportunities Knock on Our Door Every Day . Success Only Happens When We Answer It ! So , here is your chance to simultaneously be an Author and Leave a Legacy of Love !
Happy Mother ’ s Day to all Mothers around the World ! Your contribution as the COOs , if not the CEOs of your families , has and will continue to make the world a better place for everyone !

With Gratitude and Blessings Always , Johnny

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