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“ A house is a place people live . A home is where people gather to share their lives .”

western gentleman from Poplar Bluff , Missouri . Ben and his friend were returning from a business trip to Asia when we met . He invited me to visit and stay with family between semesters that summer . His wife , Carol , instantly liked me , and by the end of the two weeks stay in Poplar Bluff , I found myself unofficially being adopted into the Wisdom family . Later that fall , Ben rerouted his Asia business trip schedule to visit my family in Melaka , Malaysia . He wanted to let my parents know that he and Carol are happy to step in as surrogate parents whenever I need assistance in the U . S . They have embraced me as a member of their family , assuring my parents that everything will be safe from a parenting perspective . Little did I know Ben ’ s presence in my life was Godsent . He visited my family six months after my father ’ s passing to ensure my mom and sister that I would be looked after accordingly and also updated me with the latest news from home .
Nick Carter was the third fatherly figure in my life . Nick and his loving wife , Eleanora , were my host family in Baton Rouge , Louisiana . A retired professor of Agricultural Engineering , Nick was a gentle and engaging man . He was always smiling and seemed to find joy in everything . Since I arrived on January 4th , he and his wife immediately acclimated me to the winter weather and the local living and social protocols in the ensuing weeks and months . I remember a conversation we once had in his woodworking workshop located in the backyard of his house while working on handmade Christmas gifts for his granddaughter and grandson . Nick told me , “ A house is a place people live . A home is where people gather to share their lives .” I experienced the latter every week when I was over for Sunday dinner and family holiday get-togethers !
I met Frank Miller when I was 22 years old . He was the owner of Miller Properties , Inc . in Baton Rouge , Louisiana , a franchise operator of Waffle House restaurants in south-central Louisiana . I needed a job to pay for college , and he needed someone to manage one of his five restaurants . Guided by faith and hope on my end and trust and support on his end , what started as a job , quickly morphed into an eighteen-year career for me in the restaurant industry . Over the years , I helped build a foundation that launched Miller Properties into a company of 25 restaurants strong with over 600 + multi-generational employees . The success came about because I assembled an impressive management team that believes in our corporate family culture that emphasizes Leadership is about leading people and managing situations . Personal success begins at home , which is from within us ! We were on a growth pace of 2 to 3 restaurants a year .
Thanks to Baba , Ben , Nick , and Frank , I am able to live my life by continually dreaming , achieving , and becoming . These men taught me that regardless of where I am in my journey , always allow Curiosity to teach me about myself , others , and the world ! Along the way , I am to remind myself that smiling sows happiness , gratitude cultivates blessings , and generosity rips abundance !
So , please celebrate the achievements accomplished so far this year and smile ! Let the beautiful energy help navigate you throughout the summer !
With gratitude and blessings always ,
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