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Smiling Our Way Through


Hello June ! Yes , nothing but Smiles ! Congratulations to the Class of 2022 graduates for your resounding accomplishments amidst the constant challenges we are experiencing as a nation and globally . Graduates , I know you are happy ; your parents and loved ones are much happier ! A huge shout-out to all the parents and loved ones , the wind beneath your wings , as they assisted you to soar to new heights in your young journey !
This year ’ s Father ’ s Day holds a special note in my heart . It reminds me of the four great men who contributed to my knowledge , wisdom , and success in their unique “ fatherly ” way . First , my Malaysian father , Baba , affectionally called by my sister and me . He adopted me as a baby to carry forward the Tan family name . Eighteen years later , he championed the opportunity for me to expand my bubble of quiet confidence by sending me halfway around the world to continue my education at Louisiana State University in the U . S . A year later , he passed away while I was finishing my first year of college at LSU . I can still see and feel the pride in his eyes and joy in his heart as I walked through the security gate at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport heading to the plane that would take me on a lifetime journey . That was the last time we set eyes on each other .
Perhaps faith was already in the works for me because while transiting in Seoul , South Korea , I met Ben Wisdom . Ben is a mild-mannered mid-
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