Insite Magazine September 2017 | Page 57

the entire foundation that is as close as possible to the moisture content of the soil when the foundation was poured. Install gutters that outfall well beyond the footprint of the foundation and actively add moisture to soil during dry periods to maintain a uniform moisture content around the entire foundation. Landscaping: Trees and large bushes planted within close proximity to the foundation can suck water out of the surrounding soil leaving a moisture imbalance across the foundation. Plant trees a distance equal to half their canopy diameter away from the foundation and/or install a root barrier to help mitigate these effects. Slovacek’s & Hospice Brazos Valley present Potential Consequences of Excessive Foundation Movement Slabs-on-grade are not only going to move but are designed to do so. The purpose of an adequate foundation design is to ensure that these movements are within acceptable limits. Excessive movement can lead to distress phenomena appearing in not only the foundation but the superstructure as well including drywall and brick cracks, sticking doors and separation of walls from the ceiling. Signs of a bad foundation can send a real estate deal downhill quickly and can lead to stressful and costly repairs for the would-be seller. Consider your next home an opportunity to get it done right the first time – hire a builder and engineer that recognizes your new home as one of the most important investments you will ever make. i Drew Dudley, P.E., leads Dudley Engineering LLC. In his seven years of experience in the industry, Drew has worked closely with architects, owners, and contractors to help deliver marquee projects including the Kyle Field Renovations at Texas A&M University. Email him at [email protected]. FUN! BEER! FOOD! CELEBRATING 7 YEARS IN THE MUDD! Sat., Oct. 14, 201 7 Snook, Texas [email protected] • 979.821.2266 click 57