Insite Magazine September 2017 | Page 55

Commercial. Land. Property management. Whether it be real estate investment, a new space for your business, or a country get away, we stand ready to help you get the right property at the right price! Josh Isenhour, Scott Lovett, James Connor Smith, John Clark, Vance Goss, and Tanner Klepac (L to R) CALL US TODAY! 979.268.6840 Swope Continues to Serve Twin City Mission as Co-Chair Former Texas A&M receiver Ryan Swope is accumsted to being in the spotlight. Many remember him for the catches, yards run, and the touchdowns he’s scored. But it is his work off the field that sets him apart and makes him the perfect candidate to serve as a leader in the Twin City Mission capital improvement campaign. Together with his wife Melissa, Swope will serve as a co-chair for this year’s special event with Ron Hall. Swope originally became involved during the early years of his football career at Texas A&M University. Under Coach Mike Sherman’s leadership, the football team established a volunteer relationship with Twin City Mission, specifically with the Bridge Homeless Shelter. “Coach Sherman was very knowledgeable and kind of raised the bar for us to give back to the community,” says Swope. “He went the extra mile and made the connection with Twin City Mission and we engaged with them. It was a really cool and neat experience.” Just as Ron Hall’s book teaches the reader about how little differences matter between people, Swope saw this become true when the football team interacted with those staying in the shelter. “The best word to describe it would be humbling,” Swope says. “As a collegiate or professional athlete, …  you can get caught up in just being an athlete, getting in a robotic stage. It’s humbling when you do go into a place like Twin City Mission and get involved. You become passionate about giving back and it opens your eyes and shows you what’s most important. And that’s giving back and always putting people before you … because at the end of the day we are all human beings, and we are all equal.” • Bryan, Texas 16 th Annual 240 Booths Kids Zone Food Court Live Entertainment Shiitake 5K Run/Walk (starts at 8:00 a.m.) Photography & Art Contest Classic Car Show October 14 2017 10 am - 5 pm Fun for the whole family! Madisonville Visitor Center - 113 W. Trinity, Madisonville 936-348-9333 • click 55