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TOP DOCS SERVICE. Cashion Dental Healthy, Natural Looking Smiles in One Visit Are you in need of crowns, fillings, veneers, or any other type of tooth restoration? Are your current fillings made of metallic material and causing damage to your teeth? Do you have weakened, broken, or decayed teeth? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, CEREC Same Day Crowns are the ideal solution to your issues. CEREC is a technology that has revolutionized tooth restoration. If you need a crown or a filling, or you need your old fillings replaced, you can walk in, undergo a simple and painless procedure and then walk out a short time later with a completely restored tooth — all in one visit! Your new filling and/or crown will be entirely composed of ceramic material and will match the color of your natural teeth. You will not have to go through the lengthy, multi-visit restoration process, and the ceramic material will not cause decay or damage to your teeth. The process is quick, reliable, and painless. For more information, call (979) 693-6723. 16 INSITE August 2019 SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION SKILL. D E D I C AT I O N .