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TOP DOCS SERVICE. SKILL. D E D I C AT I O N . Baylor Scott & White Health (continued from pg 12) convenient thanks to the extended Convenient Care Clinic hours. Extended hours and walk-in visits are available at the Baylor Scott & White Convenient Care Clinic — College Station University Drive Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Baylor Scott & White Convenient Care Clinic — College Station also offers virtual check in, allowing join the line from anywhere and receive notification when it’s your turn to be seen. Join the virtual check in and get in line by: • Visiting CSConvenientCare • Calling (979) 888-9234 need treatment for a common condition and you don’t want to leave the house. Visit to learn more. • E-visits. E-visits are perfect when you From numerous locations to Artisan’s Rejuvenation Med Spa a beautiful and natural facial lift. • Texting “Baylor Scott White” to (979) 200-2286 New, Advanced Treatments Artisan’s Rejuvenation is owned by Dr. Ricardo Pocurull and his wife, Jennifer. Together they are working hard to bring the most advanced rejuvenation treatments to the area. Dr. Pocurull is also the on-site Medical Director for Artisan’s Rejuvenation Med Spa, and over the last three years, his team has brought cutting-edge, anti-aging, and aesthetic treatments to the area. Artisan’s was the first to bring in the popular Vampire Facelift® and Facial®; and is the only aesthetics providers in town to offer the Smartgraft Hair Restoration® system that uses the Follicular Unit Extraction. Additonally, he has introduced the absorbable threads for minimally invasive facelifts, Novathreads® and Instalift®. Dr. Pocurull is one of only three physicians in Texas allowed to introduce the new Infinity Thread Lift®. He developed his own brand of non-surgical facelifts known as the ArtisanLift. This procedure combines hyaluronic acid, collagen stimulators, and absorbable threads to give 14 INSITE August 2019 Last year, they introduced the Cleopatra Technique® and Stem Cell Therapy for facial rejuvenation and hair restoration. Furthermore, the team implemented a new, highly effective protocol for melasma that includes skin-care, a new high-end-laser- treatment, and a prescription medication that helps control the dark coloring of melasma, also known as pregnancy mask. This pigment condition affects premenopausal women, especially after pregnancy, and older women on hormone therapy. This summer with the help of Ellie Ferris, FNP, Artisan’s will offer the popular BioTE hormone® supplementation.  This fall, two big additions are coming to Artisan’s. The first is the Fractional CO2 laser, which provides exceptional skin rejuvenation by reducing wrinkles, age spots, and enhance collagen production. Second is a High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic technology, CoolTone®. This new treatment is not only safe but produces enhancement of muscle function and appearance in the abdomens, thighs, chest, and buttocks. You will see improvement in your body appearance and will have stronger muscles. CoolTone® is produced SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION extended hours and services, Baylor Scott & White is here to care for all of your health needs. Visit, or call (979) 207-3300. by the same company as CoolSculpting®, and will be available this Fall. CoolTone® in conjunction with latest edition of CoolSculpting® will offer the best in class, non-surgical, body-contouring treatments. “CoolTone® technology is going to be a game-changer. Imagine doing the equivalent of 20,000 sit-ups or squats in 20 minutes! And yes, you read that right; 20,000 sit-ups without lifting a finger,” says Dr. Procurull. “I’ll be the first in line!” Contact Artisan’s Rejuvenation Med Spa at (979) 704-6879 or visit for more information.