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B R A Z O S VA L L E Y P H Y S I C I A N S & S P E C I A L I S T S TOP DOCS Strong Bone Health Strong Bones, Strong Body. As a retired nutritionist, Dawn Blaschke, knows the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise. She admits she is older than 50 and had tailored her diet and exercise regimen to ensure good bone health, but after a bone scan in June of 2016, it became clear that diet and exercise were not enough to prevent bone decay. Her physician called her into his office to discuss the results. “I remember thinking, ‘This can’t be good. They never call you in to tell you good news,’” Dawn recalls. Dawn’s initial thought was right. The doctor informed her that she was at risk of fracturing her right hip and recommended she start taking bone strengthening medication. Dawn read up on both hip fractures and the medication. She learned that 24 percent of people who fracture their hip die within a year, and the potential side effects of the medication include fractures of the femur and jaw bone decay. Dawn didn’t like the idea of fracturing her hip nor risking the side effect of the drug, so she talked to her doctor about trying a new program, SuperSlow Zone’s® Strong Bone Health. Her doctor agreed to let her try the program but warned that she would have to start taking the medication if she didn’t show improvement in her next scan. Her most recent bone scan showed that Dawn’s bone density in her hip and spine have increased to a healthy level. “The doctor told me that whatever I was doing, I needed to keep doing it,” Dawn says. “I’m a Strong Bone Health participant for life now.” In addition to great results, Dawn says she goes back to SuperSlow Zone® because it is enjoyable. She goes once a week for a 15-minute session. She has a personal coach who makes sure she is getting the most out of each activity. “She has become my good friend,” Dawn says. “I have a cheerleader right there saying, ‘Come on, you can do this!’” For more information about the New Strong Bone Health program, visit or call (979) 693-6199 PROVEN TECHNOLOGY RESULTING IN IMPROVEMENT, STOPPING OR SLOWING bone health DOWN OF OSTEOPENIA AND OSTEOPOROSIS! • • • • • Non Drug Certified Medical Device Physician Endorsed Affordable 15 Minute Session 1 X WEEKLY Together, in just 15 minutes a week, you'll stimulate your body's natural bone generation process based on the science of Wolff's Law. SuperSlow Zone College Station. 1602 Rock Prairie Road, Medical Plaza West - Suite 180 College Station, TX 77845 (979) 693-6100 • SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION click 37