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TOP DOCS SERVICE. SKILL. D E D I C AT I O N . Hope Pregnancy Center Truth, Service, and Love The moment a woman realizes she may be pregnant is life-changing, leaving her heart anywhere between dancing and leaping with joy to feeling crushed with fear. No matter what her situation or reaction, it is a powerful turning point requiring her utmost attention and consideration. Whatever she chooses to do will impact the entirety of her remaining life on earth. It is an unfortunate fact of the world today that often a woman is left to make a decision without the support or sometimes even presence of the father of her child. Whether she is excited or frightened, her emotions are running high. She needs a place to go, both physically and emotionally, where she can take a deep breath and take a few minutes to pull her thoughts together to make a rational decision. If she can talk to someone who can be a sounding board for her feelings, as well as a source of information about her choices, support, and available resources, she is likely to make the best decision for herself and for her child. Hope Pregnancy Center is that place. Their core values are truth, service, and love, so their resources and programs focus on the all aspects of a woman’s life and health — physical, emotional, relational, social, and spiritual. Since 1985, the volunteers and staff 26 INSITE August 2019 CAROL DODDS, HOPE PREGNANCY CENTER EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of Hope Pregnancy Center have been providing caring, compassionate, and confidential help to the men and women of the Brazos Valley facing unplanned pregnancies. Pregnancy services include pregnancy testing, pregnancy consultation, pregnancy verification, limited obstetrical ultrasound, parenting education, and material assistance, including a six-month supply of prenatal vitamins for those with positive pregnancy test results. local businesses, and churches. All services are provided free of charge, with no eligibility requirements. Hope Pregnancy Center is fully supported through individuals, student organizations, Hope Pregnancy Center is located at 205 Brentwood Drive in College Station, open Monday through Friday. SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION You can be a part of helping a woman find abundant life, both physical and spiritual, for herself and for her child. Call Hope Pregnancy Center today at (979) 695-9193 to find out about volunteer opportunities and ways you can support them financially. Visit for more information.