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TOP DOCS Reece & Jouett Exceptional Dentistry Dental Implants; A More Secure Alternative To Dentures “New You Implant Dentures” is a scientifically proven breakthrough in dental implants that allows denture wearers and those suffering from ailing and failing teeth to have new, solid teeth implanted in one day. Patients regain the freedom to smile, eat the foods they want, and laugh, while enjoying a quality of life that they felt was gone forever. Dental fear, missing or dysfunctional teeth, ongoing tooth loss, embarrassment, problems eating and speaking: all of 24 INSITE August 2019 SERVICE. these things can be solved with “New You Implant Dentures.” Implant dentures are the fastest way to get back your dental health and wellness thanks to Dr. Michael K. Reece, DDS, LVIM, and Dr. Ryan Jouett, DDS, LVIF, the pioneering doctors in Central Texas bringing these advancements to dentistry. And There Is More Good News, Dentistry Can Help You to Live Longer New medical studies show that you may live up to 10 years longer just by having a healthy mouth. Patients with diseased mouths can die sooner and have more heart attacks and strokes. “New You Implant Dentures” is one investment that SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION SKILL. D E D I C AT I O N . will literally pay dividends to your well-being 24/7, 365 days a year while likely extending your life. The Best Day is Today No matter how bad you think your problems are, just wait a little longer and they are guaranteed to get far worse. For many patients making the appointment for the first visit is the hardest part, but not impossible. Take the first step and call Kimm at Reece & Jouett Exceptional Dentistry (979) 846-6515. Her compassion and understanding have expertly guided many patients like yourself through the process. To learn more, visit