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Tiffani & Joshua Myrick March 25, 2017 Story By SHELBI LEMEILLEUR Photos by MICHAEL KELLETT PHOTOGRAPHY C hrist United Methodist Church is an integral part of Tiffani and Joshua Myrick’s relationship. They met, got engaged, and married at the church, all thanks to both of their mothers. “Our mothers had actually talked about how great Joshua and I would be together, and they really thought we would hit it off,” Tiffani explains. “We both thought that was just the moms talking, but essentially it did work.” The couple officially met in March of 2015. Both were in College Station visiting family and saw each other after church. When Tiffani got back to Dallas that afternoon, she had a message from Joshua. They dated long distance – he was in graduate school and she was in Dallas – but they made it work. Fast-forward to July 2016. Joshua had just gotten a job in Dallas. The couple finally lived in the same city, and to Tiffani’s surprise, Joshua proposed on July 16, 2016, during a visit to College Station. “His dad was supposed to preach the next morning and couldn’t find his bible,” Tiffani says. “Joshua and I agreed to go up to the church to see if he had left it there.” While Joshua and Tiffani searched the pews for Mr. Myrick’s missing bible, Tiffani stumbled across two childhood bibles of her own. Confused, Tiffani thought maybe her mom had donated the bibles to the church, but after further inspection, she found a note written on cardboard. Next thing she knew, Joshua was on one knee. “It was really special since that was really a part of our relationship, since we had met there at Christ United Methodist.” 20 INSITE February 2018