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Samantha & David Novinski January 5, 2019 Story by PAIGE BRAZIL Photos by JESSICA ISAAC’S PHOTOGRAPHY E very girl dreams of their first date with their future husband. Most first dates consist of a nice dinner and getting-to-know-you conversations. From the moment Samantha Segers met her future husband, David Novinski, she had a feeling they wouldn’t have the typical, run-of-the-mill dating experience. “I met David our junior year at Texas A&M. I was a Class Councils officer and I actually interviewed him to join the organization. I immediately thought he was cute and, unbeknownst to him, placed him in my committee so I could get to know him better,” says Samantha. “He couldn’t make one of the meetings, so I asked him to get coffee and catch him up on what he missed, but, let’s be real, I just wanted to hang out with him.” Samantha and David hit it off immediately and talked for a few hours over coffee. “I wanted to continue hanging out with him, so I asked him to come hammock with me,” says Samantha. “We went to Research Park and hammocked for a couple of hours. Then, we went to a 12 INSITE September 2019