Insite Guides Fall 2019 Bridal Guide - Page 4

8 INSITE September 2019 “His entire family and my family were super helpful,” Sydni says. “His family is huge and we go through weddings all the time, and my cousin had just gotten married also. It was nice seeing things they used and ways to plan. It was also helpful to have close friends guide you. If I didn’t have that, I don’t know if I would have had a wedding — not that quick at least.” Sydni knew she wanted to keep things simple, and The Gin was the perfect place to reflect her and Will’s personalities. “I’m a very simple person and he is super easy going,” she says. “I loved all the greenery and the simplistic nature of it.” It was also important to incorporate certain personal elements into the wedding. Will’s mom passed away in 2017, so Will did a dance with his younger sister in leiu of a mother/son dance. Sydni also wrapped a rosary made of flowers from Will’s mom’s casket crushed into pearls around her bridal bouquet. “We tried to incorporate a lot of her thoughts in it,” she says. While Sydni says she is grateful for the help from family and friends, she