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Alexis & Tim Ontiveros October 20, 2018 Story Courtesy of INN AT QUARRY RIDGE Photos by SAN ANGEL PHOTOGRAPHY S ometimes you meet people in the most unexpected places. That was exactly the case when Alexis Gonzales met her future husband, Tim Ontiveros. A friend convinced a hesitant Alexis to celebrate her 21st birthday in Austin with some friends. Tim’s niece was part of the group and invited Tim and his friends to go as well. While he was also hesitant, he decided the day of to join... with no hotel room reservation or anything else planned. Eventually, the large birthday 24 INSITE September 2019 group split into smaller groups, and that’s when Tim and Alexis got to talking. They found out they lived in the same apartment complex back in Bryan and it was love ever since! Alexis couldn’t have asked for a better proposal. “The first word that comes to mind when trying to describe it is... perfect — just the two of us,” she says. In the previous year, a friend encouraged Alexis to pick out a ring she would one day want Tim to give her, and