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The church would’ve been fine, but this fit in way better.” The wedding had more than just a vintage feel to it. The bridesmaids wore flapper dresses, the groomsmen wore suspenders and bowties, and the newlyweds rode to and from Giddings Stone Mansion in Michael’s Model A car. “We wanted it to be different,” says Marilyn. “We didn’t want it to be plain Jane, tuxedo.” Michael agrees. “I wanted something different, and that fit with us.” At the end of the day, both Michael and Marilyn couldn’t have imagined a more perfect wedding. Marilyn reminds other brides that it’s not the details that make your wedding day perfect. “During your wedding, if nothing goes to plan, just keep in mind what it’s all about,” Marilyn says. “It’s just about the fact that you are marrying the love of your life. That’s what I had to keep reminding myself. That it doesn’t have to be perfect because looking back on it, it’s going to be perfect because you’re married.” i Schobel Vendors Meal Herbert’s Schovajsa Catering, Bleiblerville Cake Patty Cakes by Kris Harden, Bleiblerville Dress Fiancee Bridal Boutique, Spring Flowers The Flower Market, Brenham DIY Decor Ling’s Moment Photographer Ashley Arnold 22 INSITE September 2019