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Marilyn & Michael Schobel June 22, 2019 Story by SHELBI LEMEILLEUR Photos by ASHLEY ARNOLD M ichael and Marilyn Schobel both believe they were born in the wrong era and wanted a wedding to reflect a bygone age. That’s why the couple decided to have a 1920s-themed wedding — flapper dresses, suspenders, Model A car, and all. Marilyn was living with a friend in Industry when she met Michael, who happened to be her friend’s cousin! While the couple met online, they knew quickly they would eventually get married. There was no big proposal; instead, they went to a jewelry store together to pick out a ring. Initially, planning a wedding seemed straightforward. However, Michael and Marilyn soon discovered a venue that would change their plans. “We had already picked a place; we were going to get married and have our reception at Welcome Lutheran Church because that’s the church where he grew up in,” Marilyn says. “That’s where his mother was married, his sister was married, his grandparents were married, so that’s what we were going to do.” While touring Giddings Stone Mansion for a bridal photo shoot, Marilyn fell in 18 INSITE September 2019