insideKENT Magazine Issue 49 - April 2016 - Page 112

KITCHENS+BATHROOMS the beauty of BESPOKE The kitchen is, arguably, the most important room in the home. It is where the passion for cooking and entertaining meets coffee mornings, Sunday mornings and last-minute homework mornings. The kitchen must embody these purposes and a good kitchen design does this, whilst suiting your own individual needs – and, of course, looking beautiful. Collins Bespoke has been designing and making stunning and exclusive kitchens for over 20 years; and, every single kitchen they have made – and will make – is designed with their client – you – in mind: made by hand with skill and flair; and finished to meet their reputation for quality and style. From initial plan to finished piece, Collins Bespoke's kitchens are thoroughly bespoke and beautiful features to every home. So, whether you prefer the elegance in the tradition of a classic English country kitchen, or the sleek and straight lines of contemporary cabinetry, or the simple but beautiful finish of a painted Shaker-style kitchen, Collins Bespoke’s design and cabinet-making team can help you realise your ideal kitchen. Hand-made in Kent And, your ideal kitchen is not far away. Why ‘bespoke?’ Well, why not? A 21st-century buzz-word, ‘bespoke’ describes Collins Bespoke’s approach to kitchens, fittingly. They spend a lot of time planning and designing their kitchens, to suit their clients. It may take 50 shades of grey to find your ultimate paint colour. It may be a curved island unit that you cannot do without. Their designers have extensive cabinet-making knowledge and can style your kitchen to be unique to you. And, as for their cabinet-makers themselves, well, they have been traditionally trained in the art of cabinet-making and they apply methodical meticulousness to every cabinet they build. 112 Collins Bespoke’s kitchens are made in Kent – by hand. The designing, templating, assembling and finishing all happen in their workshops and showroom in Bethersden, near Ashford. If you would like to drop by for a visit, they have a tap that makes a lovely instant brew… Collins Bespoke Units 4 & 8-10 Old Surrenden Manor Bethersden TN26 3DL 01233 822595