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A TASTE FOR GOOD DEEDS Alongside seeking out better-for-you food options , consumers will continue to favour brands that ‘ do good ’ in 2022 .
Social enterprise ice cream label Elato has got it all covered . It ’ s the only 3-star health-rated premium ice cream currently on the market , has added prebiotic fibre for gut health , and is free from lactose , chemicals , colours , preservatives , and major allergens – including gluten .
Not only that , Elato is on a mission to reduce world hunger and food waste by contributing half of its profits to food rescue non-profit organisation OzHarvest .
“ We were looking for a way to give back that was connected to food , as well as to find an organisation that has a huge impact locally and overseas ,” Roz Kaldor-Aroni ( pictured ), creator and founder of Elato , told Inside FMCG .
The brand is also heavily focused on sustainable sourcing , operating an ethical supply chain , and being transparent with customers about where its ingredients come from , including listing its flavour suppliers on its website .
“[ The suppliers ] were selected for a number of reasons , especially their commitment to ethical sustainable business ,” Kaldor-Aroni said .
CONVENIENCE : RIGHT SIZE , RIGHT TIME Convenience is another trend that will continue to evolve in 2022 , and is something that dairy brand Bulla is tapping into for its Snack Choc Top offering . In November , the brand began rolling out the products , typically found in a larger size at the supermarkets and cinemas , in the freezer section of 7-Eleven .
Bulla general manager of marketing and innovation Jane Wyatt said it ’ s important to serve customers relevant products for each channel .
“ It is important to be available where consumers want to shop , and Bulla Dairy Foods is now in a position to offer our ‘ impulse ’ customers different products than what has traditionally been available in retail ,” Wyatt told Inside FMCG .
She pointed to “ premiumisation , convenience , and customisation ” in food production as key trends and areas of focus for Bulla Dairy Foods .
“ We take pride in putting customers at the heart of our product innovation and continue to develop new , highquality products made from fresh Australian milk ,” Wyatt said . “ Due to Covid , we have seen food and beverage delivery services hit record highs , with changes to the types of foods that are consumed using those platforms , as well as how consumers value that service .” t
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