INProfile Issue 7 - Page 9

THE TRADESMAN ON-SITE LOCK JIGS STANDARD LOCK JIG To precisely rout the mortise and faceplate recesses for popular doors and locks. Product Ref. LOCK/JIG CHOOSE 1 FREE £102.92 ACCESSORY LARGE LOCK JIG For routing the faceplate and mortise for larger locks quickly and accurately. Product Ref. LOCK/JIG/A SKIRTING SCRIBER VARIJIG GUIDES SCRIBE-MASTER PRO JIG VARIJIG FRAME SYSTEM A quick and accurate method to use a router to scribe skirting and dado rails, with minimal setting up time. Product Ref. SM/PRO Adjustable frame and guide for use with a router. Allows recesses, slots and face panel moulds to be cut. Product Ref. VARIJIG CHOOSE 2 FREE £313.95 £79.92 ACCESSORIES SCRIBE-MASTER PRO SKIRTING JIG A quick way to cut and complete a large access hole in about five minutes. Gives a neat flush finish under a carpet. CHOOSE ACCESSORY Straight line clamp guide that uses the Varijig low profile extrusion. ROUTABOUT HOLE CUTTER JIG Access to pipes and cables beneath chipboard floors. Product Ref. VJS/CG/36 (915mm) CHOOSE 1 FREE £148.94 ROUTABOUT HOLE CUTTER JIG KITS 1 FREE VARIJIG 36” SELF CLAMPING GUIDE Cuts precise left and right hand scribes in seconds. Fully variable, up to ten times faster than manual scribes. FLOOR ACCESS A unique stepped cutter is supplied in the kit, £36.00 ACCESSORY ADJUSTABLE LOCK JIG SQUARING ATTACHMENT For precision fitting of locks into doors. Faceplate lengths up to 250mm. Allows clamp guide to be squared up for maximum accuracy. Product Ref. VJS/CG/SQA and three insert rings included. £10.69 Product Ref. LOCK/JIG/B CHOOSE VARIJIG 36” VARIABLE ANGLE GUIDE 1 FREE £96.75 ACCESSORY Adjustable guide to allow grooving with a router, or crosscutting with a circular saw. LOCK RECESS TEMPLATE Clear plastic template for use with any plunge router to accurately fit 2, 3 and 5 lever sash and dead mortise locks. Supplied with 6 plates. Product Ref. TEMP/LR/A Product Ref. VJS/AG/36 (915mm) £62.37 DOOR CLAMP Foot operated lifters to support door while fitting frame into door. Holds door on its edge while routing. Holds door in position while drilling and fitting locks. NEW Product Ref. D/STAND/A D/LIFT/A £45.91 £16.77 LOCK JIG CUTTERS Long reach 1/2” shank cutters for routing the mortise as well as the face plate. Standard Heavy duty Max. weight 75kg (165lbs) Max. weight 200kg (440lbs) D/LIFT/B D/LIFT/C £18.48 Product Ref. D/CLAMP/A Price RBTRNG18/10£42.02 RB