INProfile Issue 7 - Page 8

TIME SAVING SOLUTIONS FOR KITCHEN WORKTOP JIGS SCRIBE & MEASURE DRAINING GROOVE JIGS PROFESSIONAL 650MM EASYSCRIBE For routing draining grooves in solid timber for Belfast type sinks. Designed to enable all 1/2” shank plunge routers to cut precise butt and scribe joints in postform worktops 500 to 650mm wide with peninsular cut facility. A handheld offset pencil line drawing scribing tool with extendable plate. HINGE JIGS SKELETON HINGE JIG To accurately recess hinges in wooden doors and frames with minimal set-up time, both on-site and in joinery shops. This two piece jig is ideal for new doors in existing frames as hinge apertures are adjustable in position as well as size. Product Ref. COMBI66 Product Ref. DG/JIG CHOOSE 1 FREE £112.22 1 FREE £123.51 ACCESSORY TRADESMAN 700MM Product Ref. E/SCRIBE CHOOSE ACCESSORY APERTURE & RADIUS JIG For up to 700mm wide worktops. £244.52 MULTISCRIBE CONTRACTOR SINGLE PIECE Multi-use profile matching tool. For routing apertures and radii in kitchen worktops to fit sinks, hobs and to suit curved cabinets. £34.95 Product Ref. AR/JIG CHOOSE 1 FREE £100.14 TRADESMAN ALL IN ONE 900MM Product Ref. M/KWS01 For routing recesses into worktops for single or double Belfast sinks. Product Ref. BS/JIG 1 FREE £107.77 ACCESSORY PROFESSIONAL 1000MM Calculates angles from 0° to 220° with large butt facility. 1 FREE £244.52 £36.96 HOT ROD JIG For upto 1000mm worktops with cable tidy & circular hinge apertures. Product Ref. H/JIG/A Product Ref. DAF/8 ACCESSORY For routing grooves in solid worktops to accept hot rods for prevention of heat damage to work surfaces. Product Ref. HR/JIG CHOOSE DIGITAL ANGLE RULES Calculates angles quickly and accurately. 2 FREE £313.92 ACCESSORIES WORKTOP CONNECTORS NO. 20 BISCUITS SEE PAGE 157 £7.15 To cut 26mm & 35mmØ blind holes for circular cabinet door hinges. Use with 1/2” cutter and 30mm guide bush. BSC/20/1000 (Qty 1000) Product Ref. TEMP/CDH/A £31.48 WORKTOP CUTTERS £26.16 Product Ref. 3/83DX1/2TC £35.11 Product Ref. 3/83DUX1/2TC £45.50 £14.42 BEARING GUIDED BISCUIT JOINTERS Product Refs. Product Refs. C152X1/4TC C152X8MMTC C152X1/2TC £38.16 342X1/4TC 342X8MMTC 342X1/2TC £59.82 KFP/3/83D £161.97 ALL PRICES EXCLUDE VAT HINGE & LOCK JIG CUTTERS For routing the lock faceplate or hinge recess. Long reach 12mm cutters with 1/4” shank. Deepening of lock mortise with auger bit required. Product Ref. C019AX1/4TC Product Ref. Product Refs. RT/11X1/2TC CR/KFP/5 £71.93 £74.48 ACCESSORIES Product Ref. C/CHISEL Product Ref. C153DX1/2TC TCT TUNGSTEN CARBIDE TIPPED Packs of 5 CHOOSE 2 FREE For squaring hinge and lock faceplate recesses. £52.45 NEW 2 FREE ACCESSORIES CORNER CHISEL CATALOGUE 2017 All 12.7mm (1/2”) diameter x 50mm cut length. CABINET DOOR HINGE TEMPLATE Recommended for jointing worktops. Product Ref. BSC/20/100 (Qty 100) Metal panel bolts to keep joints together. Four styles available. £204.66 £30.28 ACCESSORY CHOOSE Two piece jig constructed from 12mm Phenolic resin. Product Ref. H/JIG/B DAR/500 (18.5”) 1 FREE £59.79 ACCESSORIES £19.00 CHOOSE ACCESSORIES TRADE Product Refs. DAR/200 (7”) Product Ref. COMBI1002 £240.96 CHOOSE 2 FREE Constructed from aluminium extrusion. Two sections for easy transportation. £20.48 CHOOSE Product Ref. HINGE/JIG CONTRACTOR TWO PIECE ANGLE FINDER CHOOSE £163.02 15 FUNCTIONS IN ONE TOOL Marks offset between worktop jig and guide bush for easy set-up. ACCESSORY BELFAST SINK JIG For upto 900mm wide worktops. Product Ref. KWJ900 1 FREE £96.75 ACCESSORY ACCESSORIES Constructed from aluminium extrusion. WORKTOP SCRIBER CHOOSE CHOOSE 2 FREE £27.16 Product Ref. MS/PRO Product Ref. KWJ700 Product Ref. H/JIG/C £18.53 For 3 sizes of biscuit. Product Ref. 3/8LX1/4TC £27.73