INProfile Issue 7 - Page 3

R VIDEO GUIDES / video GUIDE TO RANGES Ideal for full lap and half lap joints, tongue & groove joints, CRAFTPRO RANGE Create rebates, grooves or stopped housings with a side-fence, grooving, rebating and full edge profile planing in router tables with the backfence, and freehand routing of nameplates. TCT TUNGSTEN CARBIDE TIPPED Comprehensive range of Tungsten Carbide Tipped cutters specifically designed to meet the needs of the discerning woodworker and tradesman. SEE PAGES 86-110 CATALOGUE 2017 mortise & tenons, and comb joints. When used portably a batten or clamp guide can be followed with the side of the router. Use guide bushes and templates to create a perfect repeatable shaped or cut out. For straight or shaped work. Cut complete circles or arcs with a beam trammel. 500 LINES PROFESSIONAL TCT RANGE Bearings can be used on arbor systems such as the biscuit jointer which is supplied with bearings to suit the 3 sizes of biscuits. The most popular range TUNGSTEN CARBIDE TIPPED of Tungsten Carbide Tipped router cutters in the UK. Includes superior D-Namic extended life Carbide. For the most demanding applications in the woodworking and manufacturing trades. SEE PAGES 5-79 CATALOGUE 2017 Bearing guided profilers and trimmers can be used to shape the workpiece to replicate exactly the shape of a template. For full edge moulds a template or batten can be used in a router table or portably. 1800 LINES Bearing guided trimmers can be used to trim the veneer using the workpiece as the guide. With a rebate, increasing the size of the bearing reduces the width of the rebate. One or two piece Profile Scribers with bearing guides for accurate & quick jointing of frames. Bearings are used for precision with jointing cutters such as the interlocking tooth joints of the finger jointer cutter. Components are re-arranged on the arbor for profiling. The scribe is cut on the end grain of the timber. WATCH IT NOW! Bearings on the ends of cutters can follow the straight and shaped workpiece itself. The Easyset system works by altering the height of the cutter, saving time, as no need for re-arranging the cutter blocks. The New full featured workshop WRT router table. Bearing guided panel raisers are ideal for producing shaped or straight edged panels to fit the frames. The New T35A professional Class M wet & dry dust extractor. See our Profile Scriber & Panel Cutters video Pocket Hole Jig is ideal for precise quick joinery of frames and sheet material.