INProfile Issue 7 - Page 2

WATCH OUR ROUTER CUTTER STRAIGHTS VIDEO Discover the versatility of straight cutters showing 40 different applications. WATCH IT NOW! Full edge planing. See how they can be used for grooves and stopped housings. Rebating or letting in glass or panels or for general rebate joinery. BEARING GUIDED VIDEO For moulding & jointing of straight and shaped workpieces. WATCH IT NOW! See how changing the height of the cutter and the size of the bearing can alter the profile. Stopping the moulding can create interesting effects for columns or table legs. Also how bearing guided cutters can be used in a router table either with a backfence for straight work or without for shaped work. LATEST NEW VIDEOS T5 Router video features this compact and versatile router. Letter and number template video, ideal for house numbers and signs. The CRT/MK3 Craftsman router table video, ideal for expanding the creativity of your router.