INProfile Issue 7 - Page 12

T5 ROUTER PROMOTIONS 9 GREAT VALUE T5 ROUTER KITS Ideal for those new to routing wanting a quality compact router to get started. GETTING STARTED KITS 6 Piece Cutter Set 36” Varijig Clamp Guide SET/SS11X1/4TC Worth £26.03 Number Template VJS/CG/36 TEMP/NUC/57 Worth £43.20 Safety Spectacles Worth £26.02 Cutter & Guide Bush Set SAFE/SPEC/A Worth £6.29 TEMP/LN57X1/4 Worth £18.30 Worth £267.94 £138 £169 £140.83 EX VAT REF. T5EB/KIT/A (240v) REF. T5ELB/KIT/A (115v) Router £144.17 EX VAT REF. T5EB/KIT/B (240v) REF. T5ELB/KIT/B (115v) £173 Worth £40.37 Worth £84.72 Worth £143.87 GAUGE/D60 Worth £13.38 Worth £18.30 SAVE £182 18mm Routabout Hole Cutter Jig Router Look for this blue icon to view actual size. Our videos are categorised into product ranges with a full range of links to related products, knowledge base and projects. 12 NEW VIDEOS TO WATCH T5EB Worth £267.94 £223.33 EX VAT REF. T5EB/KIT/F (240v) REF. T5ELB/KIT/F (115v) £268 Ideal for those on-site who need time saving solutions and precise results. T5 available in 240v or 115v. Adjustable Lock Jig 2 piece Hinge Jig H/JIG/A Worth £293.42 LOCK/JIG/B Worth £116.10 12mm Router Cutter 12mm Router Cutter Worth £29.80 Worth £29.80 TR12X1/4TC Worth £50.42 SAVE £146 SAVE Router T5EB Worth £267.94 £199.17 EX VAT REF. T5EB/KIT/G (240v) REF. T5ELB/KIT/G (115v) £239 £154 SAWBLADE COMPATIBILITY Our new sawblade compatibility option lists all models of saw machines for the correct selection from our CraftPro and Professional Sawblade Ranges. TR12X1/4TC Router Worth £267.94 £215.83 EX VAT REF. T5EB/KIT/H (240v)* REF. T5ELB/KIT/H (115v)* Router SAVE T5EB £259 RBTRNG18/10 N E W WEBSITE LAUNCHED WITH GREAT NEW FEATURES All our router cutters can be viewed on any device to the actual size, in high definition. £219 £162 T5EB £192 Worth £267.94 £332.50 EX VAT REF. T5EB/KIT/I (240v) REF. T5ELB/KIT/I (115v) £399 10 off Routabout Rings LIMITED OFFERS WHILE STOCKS LAST VIDEO GALLERY Router SAVE T5EB Worth £267.94 £182.50 EX VAT REF. T5EB/KIT/E (240v) REF. T5ELB/KIT/E (115v) TRADESMAN KITS RBT/1 £149 ACTUAL SIZE ROUTER CUTTERS FEATURE FHA/001 Worth £66.83 Enjoy the versatility of our popular T5 router at a great offer price. Both compact OFFER PRICE & powerful for a £124.17 EX VAT List Price £267.94 T5EB (240v) perfect finish. REF. REF. T5ELB (115v) Fine height adjuster £147 T5EB £151.67 EX VAT REF. T5EB/KIT/D (240v) REF. T5ELB/KIT/D (115v) T5 PROMOTION CraftPro Diamond Credit Card Stone Router Worth £267.94 £173 CDJ300 CR/DWS/CC/FC Worth £26.29 SAVE £144.17 EX VAT REF. T5EB/KIT/C (240v) REF. T5ELB/KIT/C (115v) 300mm Dovetail Jig Digital Depth Gauge £152 Worth £267.94 24 Piece Cutter Set SET/SS24X1/4TC CR/DWS/B6/FC T5EB £139 Ideal for those wanting to take their routing projects that much further. WOODWORKER KITS CraftPro Diamond Bench Stone