INProfile Issue 7 - Page 10

THE QUICK RELEASE DRILL SYSTEM Han d Dr 6” E xtra Chu c into ks fits d any i pow rectly er d rill Stan dard SDS + S han k Q uick Qui Lon iver The most comprehensive range of Quick Change tooling on the market. Set g Ch uck LATEST ADDITIONS NOW 500+ LINES ck C 35MM NEW MACHINE BIT WITH DEPTH STOP A machine bit for circular hinges with built in depth stop which can be adjusted in height to suit hinge recess depth. huc k Chu ck Product Ref. SNAP/MB/35DS £22.95 Too l into s fit dir e driv any imp ctly er. act DRILL COUNTERSINKS Four new sizes of quick change drill countersinks with adjustable drills to bore various size holes for screws. Prod. Ref. Drill Dia. CB Price SNAP/CS/1814 3.2mm 6.3mm £7.95 SNAP/CS/10H 3.57mm 9.5mm £7.95 SNAP/CS/7C 3.96mm 9.5mm £7.95 SNAP/CS/9C 4.76mm 9.5mm £7.95 Too ls into fit dire c any pow tly er d rill. DEPTH STOP ACCESSORY NEW Rotating depth stop accessory that can be used with 9.5mm and 12.7mm adjustable drill countersinks to allow consistent drilling depths. Tool has large cavity to reduce clogging. Fits SNAP/CS/6-12 but not for TCT drill countersinks. Product Ref. SNAP/ROT/DS NEW £16.95 15 PIECE COLOUR RING BIT SET Assorted screwdriver bit set for a range of applications. Colour rings on the shank to denote type for easy identification. Contains fourteen 25mm insert bits and a magnetic bit holder. ONE TOUCH BIT HOLDER Magnetic holders with one touch button for quick and easy release of 25mm insert bits. Small 10.3mm diameter to allow access into tighter spaces. Product Ref. SNAP/SB5/SET £9.95 Product Ref. OL mm Price SNAP/BH/OT 66 £6.95 SNAP/BH/OT/A 150 £9.95 FESTOOL ® CENTROTEC COMPATIBLE TOOLS COLOUR RING SCREWDRIVER BIT SETS For use in a Festool® Centrotec drill. Drill Countersinks Prod. Ref. Drill Dia. Price Drill Bit Guides 500+ LINES 300MM MAGNETIC FLEXIBLE BIT HOLDER For insert and direct drive shank screwdriver bits. Designed to flex and hold in various positions. Product Ref. SNAP/FMD/1 £15.93 Drill Dia. Price SNAP/F/DBG7 2.75mm £19.90 SNAP/F/DBG9 3.5mm £19.90 NO.2 POZI ® & PHILLIPS ® BITS 49MM Designed especially to fit directly into impact drivers or bit holders. Torsion Zone for increase hardness with Optimum hardness for tough fastenings. Product Refs. SNAP/PZ2I/3 (3 pack) SNAP/PH2I/3 (3 pack) £10.40 Comprises 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm and 32mm flat bits. Assorted bits for a range of applications. Colour coded rings for easy identification. SNAP/F/CS6 2.38mm £15.70 SNAP/F/CS8 2.75mm £15.70 SNAP/F/CS10 3.25mm £15.70 SNAP/F/CS12 3.5mm £15.70 Prod. Ref. FLAT BIT 7 PIECE SET IN FABRIC HOLDER Product Refs. SNAP/SB3/SET £28.67 (56 piece) SNAP/SB4/SET £31.87 (41 piece) Product Ref. SNAP/FB3/SET 90° COMPACT ANGLE DRIVER HEX DOWEL DRILLS £20.95 Carbon Steel lip and spur dowel roll fluted one piece drill bits. Depth collars also available. Allows access to tight corners. For use with drills, bits and countersinks. Product Ref. SNAP/ASA/3 £42.40 FOR FULL RANGE SEE PAGES 228-240 CATALOGUE 2017 Product Ref. Drill Dia. Price SNAP/DD/6MM 6mm £1.85 SNAP/DD/8MM 8mm £1.96 SNAP/DD/10MM 10mm £2.07