Innovation Issue MADE Magazine - Page 30

MADEXXX Keys To Having A Fulfilled Life First, take yourself off the hook from needing to have someone else’s definition of happiness. I don’t have it all, but I do have what I need. It’s easy to look at people and see a snapshot of their life, but not know what they’re really going through. To the woman who is looking and it seems like everyone is living and I’m just doing, don’t believe the hype. The grass isn’t greener. The grass is green where it is watered and fertilized. So work your land and give yourself permission to ask, “What does my happiness look like?” 1 2 3 The relationship is not the prize. You are the prize. My life changed when I realized I was the prize. I treated myself better. I held myself as a prize vs. thinking because someone is dating me or because I have this person, then I’m the prize now that I’m in a relationship. Your relationship status does not validate your humanity. Give yourself permission to know that you’re worthy of the best. Don’t settle for anything or anybody for the sake of. That’s probably why I stayed in relationship longer than I should have—I liked the way it looked and felt. Being in a relation- ship may check the box, but does it actually check the box of what you’re seeking and desiring for yourself in partnership? Be a boss — BE STRATEGIC, BE A DELEGATOR, About Charreah: BE MINDFUL OF YOUR RESOURCES AND BE A BRIDE, Charreah K. Jackson is the Senior Editor for ESSENCE, touching the brand’s audience of 13 million, and the author of Boss Bride: The Powerful Woman’s Playbook for Love & Success. She is a featured expert on CNN, NBC and Sirius and her stories have been featured on Time, Fortune, Good Morning America and The Today Show. BE A WOMAN ON HER WEDDING DAY LIVING IN HER MOMENT AND CONNECTED TO THE PEOPLE WHO MATTER THE MOST.” - Charreah K. Jackson Senior Editor for ESSENCE | 30