Innovation Issue MADE Magazine | Page 27

MADEXXX Republic, St. Lucia, German and France. The biggest lesson I learned from these travels was immersive tourism. So often people stick to the resorts, neighborhoods or tourist attractions found in every brochure. But the true gift of travel is experiencing another’s culture for yourself. The irony is that I have not taken that approach when traveling domestically. I am often looking for the most festive things to do. This summer, and really this year, I have made the decision to only travel within the U.S. and to focus on cities where I have friends and family. Yes, this is a money saver; hello! But, it also goes back to that statistic in that it’s a chance to connect. I am fortunate to have a career that allows me to create my own schedule and I want to take better advantage of that in terms of sharing life experiences and making memories. I want to see everything from the east coast to the west coast from the lens of my loved ones! “Every green environment improved both self-esteem and mood; the presence of water generated greater effects. Both men and women had similar improvements in self-esteem after green exercise, though men showed a difference for mood.” - Department of Biological Sciences, University of Essex As I mentioned, I grew up in the south. I recently moved back here after living in Seattle. And all of the stories about the beauty of the Pacific Northwest are in fact truth and not hype. Going on hikes, boating on Puget Sound, and walking Green Lake are regular pastimes. I discovered a spirituality with nature. I am determined to bring that same energy to my first summer back in Tennessee, a place known for its rocky yet beautiful terrain. In an effort to explore the great outdoors I will be getting into fishing, paddle boating, local arboretums, nature walks and just good ole’ fashioned fun at the pool. It will take a solid amount of sunscreen and bug spray to weather the elements, but I definitely look forward to the experience! INNOVATION ISSUE 27