Innovation Issue MADE Magazine | Page 24

MADEXXX importance of hashtags. They allow you to explore anywhere before you go so you can get an idea of things you may want to do while there. Also, they’re a great way to be featured on various travel pages. I was featured twice while I was in Dubai and I must say, it was pretty cool! Hodgepodge Just a few other random things to note. Always pack pain meds, antidiarrheals, antiemetics, Benadryl, a poncho, spare glasses (if you wear them), a mini first aid kit and your regular medications. I may be forgetting some things but these are surely the basics. Also, if you know me, then you know I ALWAYS travel with some form of a snack. Airport food is redunculously expensive so be prepared. You also may encounter an unexpected delay at any time. And lastly, ALWAYS back up your cell phone before you take off. In the event that something happens to your phone abroad, at least you won’t lose previous memories! That’s all I’ve got for now folks. I hope you enjoyed and happy travels to you!!! In Havana at | El Capitolio 24