INmagazine Sayı 9 (Ocak, Şubat, Mart) - Page 51

ELIMINATE REDUNDANT ANTI-BRIBERY REVIEWS “Completing due diligence trainings and filling out all required documentation for our entire universe of customers was once a very long, tiring and unnecessarily repetitive process which resulted in a significant loss of time and money... This is when we turned to TRACE.” Reference “TEIDMR” to receive the TEID member preferred rate. Solmaz Customs Brokerage Demonstrate your commitment to transparent business practices and assume responsibility for the due diligence process with TRACEcertification™. TRACEcertification is a comprehensive due diligence review and approval process administered by TRACE, the world’s leading anti-bribery standard setting organization. With TRACEcertification, you own your verified due diligence information and can share it with an unlimited number of potential business partners. Get started at TRACEcertification is not a guarantee against past or potential wrongdoing by the certified entity or a guarantee against potential liability. A summary of any “red flags” identified during the TRACEcertification review will be included in the report, but not all red flags preclude TRACEcertification. Companies doing business with the TRACE Certified entity should request a full copy of the underlying report. As a partner of TRACE, Etik ve Itibar Dernegi (TEID) offers its members TRACEcertification at a discounted rate.