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2 1. MARKET INTELLIGENCE Ingenious E-Brain Solutions (IEBS), one of the fastest growing companies who provides high- quality, customized and cost-effective market research solutions to industry leaders and innovative companies across the globe. The company offers in-depth syndicate and consulting market research solutions such as market engineering (market estimation, market forecasting, and market validation), competitive analysis, market potential analysis, eco-system of the market, investment analysis, porter’s five forces, PESTEL analysis, regulatory and compliance intelligence, ranking analysis, investment analysis, micro quadrant analysis, company profiling across the various domain including chemical, oil & gas, automotive, biomedical devices, and so on. This helps to identify the complete market scenario for past, present, and future. For More Details @ About us: We are a globally recognized research and analytics solutions provider with a team of experienced professionals from diverse technical domains. Our services, ranging from technology ideation to commercialization, are tailored to help our clients transform their business model by providing them holistic solutions around Intellectual Property, Technology, and Business Intelligence. Our clients include R&D groups, attorneys, and inventors from large law firms and Fortune 500 companies. Phone [US]: +1 347 480 2054 Phone [UK]: +44 207 193 3548 Email: