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INGENIEUR PUBLICATION CALENDAR KDN PP 11720/4/2013 (032270) THE VOL.70 APRIL-JUNE 2017 L E M B AG A J U R U TE R A M A L AY S I A BO ARD O F ENG INEERS M A L AY S I A INGENIEUR M A G A Z I N E O F T H E B O A R D O F E N G I N E E R S M A L A Y S I A ROAD SAFETY CALL FOR ARTICLES The Ingenieur is published quarterly by the Board of Engineers Malaysia. The following are the themes for the coming issues. • Vol. 72, Oct-Dec 2017 Engineering Education • Vol. 73, Jan Mac 2018 Digital Economy • Vol. 74, Apr-June 2018 Future Transportation • Vol. 75, July-Sept. 2018 Future Energy • Vol. 76, Oct-Dec 2018 Forensic Engineering Articles and other contributions relevant to the themes are welcomed, but the decision to publish rests with the Editorial Board. Advertising inquiries are also welcomed. Please refer to the BEM advertisement in this issue for the latest rate card and booking form. Cover photo courtesy of Ir. Fong Chew Chung THE INGENIEUR E-MAGAZINE ON SMARTPHONES & IPADS THE INGENIEUR can now be read on smartphones as well as iPads. Read anywhere, anytime and share with your colleagues and friends. How to get the e-magazine? Mobile Version - Scan the QR Code The Ingenieur Vol 70 April - June 2017 6 6 The Ingenieur Vol 71 July - September 2017 VOL - SEPTEMBER 2017 VOL 71 55 JULY JUNE 2013 Native iPad/iPhone Version – Get the free Apps The e-magazine may be viewed natively on iPads and iPhones using the Joomag Apps. Download for free.