Infuse Issue 8 June 2019 - Page 10

ADVERTORIAL Supported by Nestlé Health Science Translating Research Into Practice A roadmap to avoid – becoming “lost in translation” by Merran Findlay AdvAPD, National Health and Medical Research Council Translating Research Into Practice Fellow As accredited practising dietitians, it’s ingrained through our training and daily practice to be up-to- date with current literature in order to deliver evidence-based care. Being across the latest science is how we ensure the best possible outcomes for the people we provide care to and ultimately maintain credibility as a profession. However, the average time from published evidence to practice is 17 years. 1 Yes, 17 years. It sounds alarming but it doesn’t have to be that way. "...we want the best care for our patients or clients, then why don’t we just do it?" © Dietitian Connection 10 Images courtesy of Merran Findlay Infuse | June 2019