Infuse Issue 7 March 2019 | Page 14

Can you tell us more about your product range? Sure! The brand was born because of the Solid Starter Pack, which is considered our hero product. However when I took the product to market I knew I needed more than one product line. Realizing bubs will start to eat more than a tablespoon of solid food at each meal; I decided to launch each vegetable in the starter pack, in individual packets of slightly larger 30g portions. These Follow On packs contain individual cubed portions of frozen puree. This means a single portion can be defrosted, and mixed with other vegetables and protein to provide a full meal solution. Basically through Nourishing Bubs we’re providing the building blocks of healthy meals, while giving parents flexibility to mix and match combinations as they wish. Above: Nurising Bubs - Solid Starter Pack. The benefits of introducing vegetables before fruit was also something I’d learned to help encourage greater acceptance of vegetables later in life. Similarly, in talking with clients, I realized parents were often overwhelmed with starting solids and seeking easy ways to make healthy choices. So the Solid Starter Pack was born – small tablespoon portions to minimise waste, ten different vegetables, and four individual portions of each to encourage repeated exposure. Since inception, we have also launched fruit combos based on customer feedback, and at the start of 2019 we will also be launching two protein varieties in the Follow On range – Chicken and Beef. interview continues overleaf... © Dietitian Connection 14 Infuse | December 2018