Infuse Issue 6 December 2018 | Page 6

Passion, Persistence, Patience: Joy Bauer’s Secrets to Success J oy Bauer is one of America’s best-known RDs. The nutrition communications legend is the face millions of viewers of the US national morning show TODAY have come to know and trust, as if she’s family. (Millions of eyeballs on you: no pressure, right?) Joy has also applied her communication talents to the field of publishing, authoring books on the topic of nutrition that become best-sellers because they’re accessible, family-friendly and easy to follow. Her latest is the newly released Joy’s Simple Food Remedies – more on that below! In short, Joy’s the dietitian that so many aspire to be: confident, respected, well informed, a great communicator, relatable, upbeat and friendly. In addition to her ongoing role on TODAY and 20+ year career as a Registered Dietitian, Joy is founder of Nourish Snacks, host of the television show Health + Happiness, columnist for Woman’s Day magazine, and creator of But wait – there’s more! © Dietitian Connection We couldn’t wait for the chance to ask Joy a few questions about her career, learn how she does it all with such grace – and put her on our cover, so we could share her tips with all of you! interview continues overleaf... 6 Infuse | December 2018