Infuse Issue 6 December 2018 | Page 32

The FODMAP Challenge! Creative thinking meets innovation, to better reach IBS sufferers C hloe McLeod is an Advanced Sports Dietitian, author, and specialist in IBS, food intolerances and anti-inflammatory eating. In order to better help those suffering from gut health concerns, she created The FODMAP Challenge! We had the chance to sit down with Chloe to learn more about this great online initiative being used around the world, from Argentina to the UK and back down under to where it all started. Can you please tell us a bit more about The FODMAP Challenge, and what inspired you to create it? For those not aware, The FODMAP Challenge is an online course designed to help people with IBS better determine their triggers, and empower them with the confidence to reduce their IBS symptoms for a better quality of life. © Dietitian Connection 32 Infuse | December 2018