Infuse Issue 6 December 2018 - Page 28

Catch a Rising Star: Nutrition Business with Libby Rothschild W ith a rapidly growing reputation, the always-smiling Libby Rothschild is one of those success stories you can’t help but love! With a successful career as a personal trainer and registered dietitian, Libby found herself inspired by talented and dynamic global dietitians to develop her own unique brand. “When I first started posting on social media (mainly Instagram), I knew I needed to get focused, but didn’t understand to what extent. Because I am a registered dietitian myself, I saw that using registered dietitians as my target audience could be a good idea since I relate well with my colleagues.” “The first step to building my brand was getting out there and posting consistently. The second step included defining my target audience and the third and most important step, included niching down. Where my target market was clear (registered dietitians), finding my niche was a little harder. The moment of truth came following a very real conversation with my then friend, and now business partner, Rachel Paul of @collegenutritionist.” Libby explains how during a conversation with Rachel, she asked for advice on how to make her Instagram content better, to which Rachel calmly responded, “What value do you provide registered dietitians and nutritionists?” Answering this critically was something only Libby could do – she had to find the answers herself through honest self-reflection and testing. Image courtesy of @nutrition_business © Dietitian Connection 28 Infuse | December 2018