Infuse Issue 6 December 2018 - Page 26

Food Trends from FNCE 2018 by Kate Agnew, Marketing and Communications Director, Dietitian Connection T he Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE) is over for another year, and what an incredibly successful and enjoyable conference in Washington D.C. it was! For anybody who has ever attended, one of the most exciting aspects is the expo hall. Picture a room with thousands of dietitians (scary, I know!) buzzing with excitement and laughing with their colleagues as they try new food products, learn about the latest innovations in dietetics and immerse themselves in all things nutrition. It took me a good five hours (seriously!) and too many laps to count; to really experience what the expo hall had to offer. Making my way through the lines at the popular stands, to chatting with brands about new innovation, there was so much to take in! Across all the products being shared, my eager eyes noticed some particular food trends: 1. It’s Plant Power Time: 1 chilled superfood soups, freeze dried fruit, legume snacks, seed and nut butters and bars, and plant mylks. Driven by the increasing desire for plant- based diets, numerous companies were offering beverages, ready made and on-the-go snack products for busy people to better meet their fruit and vegetable RDI. 2. Microbiome Health: as we learn more about the microbiome and it’s role in many diseases and overall health, we’re seeing a burst in gut health innovations. From pro and prebiotics, to microbiome measurement tools, and even “ancient” remedies like kefir are making a comeback. 2 © Dietitian Connection 26 Infuse | December 2018