Infuse Issue 16 May 2022 | Page 32

Dietitian profile :

Dr Brooke Harcourt

Tell us a bit about your story . How did you become a dietitian ?
I was working in a weight management service as a researcher , looking at causes , consequences and outcomes for children with overweight and obesity . I saw the best outcomes were in children that were seen most regularly ; it didn ' t matter who they were seen by – it could be anyone in the team , and the person they were spending the longest time with happened to be the dietitians . My research was coming to an end , so I was thinking about what to do going forward and started to look at dietetics . It just seemed like a natural progression from where I was .
Above image of Brooke and the team at Family Dietetics . Images courtesy of @ familydietitian
Where did you get your first job as a dietitian ?
I ' d built a large network of doctors and professionals , and a group of them were starting a clinic and looking for a dietitian . So I started in private practice and I still work there now ! It was a bit of a baptism of fire , going straight into private practice as a new graduate , but from there , I connected with other doctors around Melbourne and started practicing through them too . The first few months were quite nerve wracking !
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