Infuse Issue 15 February 2022 | Page 12

Bloating , burping & farting … why am I so full of gas ?!

by Dr Joanna McMillan

Let ’ s start with a truth . We all burp , we all fart and we probably all have experienced the discomfort of bloating . But it ’ s important to identify if your experiences of these are normal or excessive …

If your gassy gut is impeding your normal daily life and / or you are frequently in discomfort or pain , clearly something is amiss . Your first stop in this case is your GP who may refer you on to a gastroenterologist for medical tests . This is really important , because you want to rule out any medical issues that could be causing your symptoms before you start cutting out foods or changing your diet or lifestyle .
That said , there are lots of potential reasons for excess gas . Most of us will feel the effects from time to time – an estimated 20-30 % of people . It is one of the main complaints for those suffering from IBS or irritable bowel syndrome with as many as 96 % reporting bloating and abdominal distension .
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