Infuse Issue 14 October 2021 - Page 5

Say hello to Tegan , our new team member at DC !

Tell us how pursuing a career in dietetics all started ?
From an early age , I ’ ve been interested in the health industry , to some degree influenced by my two older sisters who both work in the field . I attended an allied health career expo in Year 10 where all of the allied health professionals came on stage and talked about what their job involved . Hearing the dietitian talk about their profession and day-to-day activities struck a chord and I became enthused about the idea of pursuing this myself .
My passion for dietetics has only grown since then and so I selected Bachelor of Nutrition Science at Queensland University of Technology as my first preference when applying for courses . A year later I made my way into the Nutrition and Dietetics program .
How did your career progress from there ?
I applied for numerous grad jobs after finishing university but none of them progressed . At that point I started to have doubts about my career path , and reconsidered whether or not dietetics was for me . I recognized during this time that clinical and private practice dietetics likely wasn ’ t the right fit . I continued
working in my casual role at the Queensland Tennis Centre and was offered the role of administration and marketing coordinator . It was in this role that I fell in love with all things marketing and social media . However , I really missed the nutrition space after some time and so began to look for roles that combined my two passions - nutrition and marketing . Not long after this I came across the advertisement for the Marketing and Communications Assistant at Dietitian Connection and couldn ’ t believe how perfectly it matched what I was looking for . I immediately applied for the role and the rest , as they say , is history .
What attracted you to working at Dietitian Connection ?
I ’ ve been following the work of the team at Dietitian Connection since my second year at uni . I was then , and am now , so inspired by the incredible business Maree founded and the fantastic resources that Dietitian Connection has provided the industry since . When I saw DC ’ s job ad it was a no brainer to apply at this wonderful company and I feel incredibly lucky to be part of this amazing DC team !
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