Infuse Issue 14 October 2021 - Page 8

Have we missed a diagnosis ? Challenge accepted !

Emily Gilchrist , Team Leader and Tory Crowder , Clinical Manager Nutrition & Dietetics Christchurch Health Campus , New Zealand

2020 marked Dietitian Connection ’ s first ever Malnutrition Week ANZ campaign . As part of our campaign , we urged our community to get involved and make as much noise as possible in the malnutrition space . Here ’ s one of many stories of innovative awareness-building initiatives .

Our team is based at Christchurch Hospital , a tertiary hospital and the second largest in New Zealand . We have 35 dietitians in our team which includes Paediatric , Adult , Women ’ s and Diabetes dietitians who provide inpatient and outpatient services . We are also lucky to have two dietary assistants . After what can only be described as an unprecedented last 10 years ( with the 2011 earthquake and a terrorist attack in a mosque in 2019 ), our city continues to grow .
Our city has been rebuilt and , more recently , a brandnew hospital has opened . Christchurch is again the attractive and bustling city it once was . Yet , along with the rest of the world , we started 2020 with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic and , despite being a resilient team , we couldn ’ t help but feel like sitting ducks as we prepared our hospital and our service for the unexpected .
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