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" I ' ve worked with many wonderful dietitians throughout my career who have inspired me and helped my dreams become a reality "

sometimes at these meetings thinking , how did I get here for God ' s sake ?!” From this experience , came one of Karen ’ s greatest learnings : Take the advice of your mentors .
Not only has Karen been prolific in sports nutrition and the food industry , but the media as well . With weekly radio segments , four books , regular television segments and a 17-year role as a nutrition writer for the Australian Women ’ s Weekly under her belt , her best advice for others wanting to get into the media is this : show initiative . “ I was fed up because the information I was hearing on one of the programmes was nutrition information given by a fitness person who had no understanding of nutrition … So , I rang up the [ radio station ] and I explained my position … They said they couldn ’ t pay me … I said it ' s not about the money . It ' s about giving the right information to the community . And they said give them a proposal . So , I wrote a proposal , got it through to them on Friday , and on Monday , I was on air . That was in 2002 and I ' ve been on weekly since that time .”
Another of Karen ’ s important life lessons is the value she puts on building relationships . “ I talk about the train of life ... I have my train ,
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