Infuse Issue 13 May 2021 - Page 45

A dietitian with a whole lot of sass

You might know Huda from a little television show called MasterChef … but what you mightn ’ t know is that Huda is actually a dietitian – and one who has walked an incredible path , at that . DC team member Kate Agnew was lucky enough to chat with the entrepreneur , foodie , cook and mindful eating coach about her impressive story .

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Tell us about your journey and your story so far .
I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia and studied nutrition and health science over there . While studying , I also got married and had my first child . It was challenging … but I had lots of help and support . I wanted to apply to work in a hospital but found out I had to speak English , so I thought I should continue studying overseas to learn the language . I packed myself , my husband , my little girl and everything else up and came to Australia to study my Master of Nutrition and Dietetics at Flinders University . I did a bridging course and had my second child at the same time , which was really challenging , but I passed with distinction and I was so proud .
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