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An increase in demand for fruits , seeds and herbs creates opportunities in other ways too , such as packing , drying and freezing produce for southern markets . We ’ re hoping to add more employment opportunities as the demand for these ingredients grows .
The Australian Superfood Co is a proud partner of Red Dust Role Models . Red Dust Role Models is an Australian health and wellbeing organisation with a 20-year track record of partnerships in remote Australia . Their ‘ community-as-family ’ model of health programming is inspiring change by walking side-by-side with community leaders and Elders to create a stronger future for Indigenous youth and their families .
Red Dust Role Models ’ Healthy Living Programs see the lives of Indigenous youth enriched through a series of community visits aimed at building relationships , while conveying vital health messages .
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We recently saw that The Australian Superfood Co was on MasterChef . How was that experience for the business and for you ?
It ' s been amazing . MasterChef is incredible . I think that it ' s changed the way Australians eat . If you think about the influence that TV and these chefs have over people and the fact that they ' re embracing Australian native produce and saying that these ingredients should be used in all dishes , it ' s exciting and I think it ' s shown how the industry – and Australians – have evolved .
How can dietitians support The Australian Superfood Co ?
I think that it ' s really important for Australian dietitians to learn more about Australian native ingredients so that it becomes natural to them to recommend Australian native ingredients to meet nutritional requirements of their patients . We talk about superfoods from around the world , but let ' s talk about what grows locally in Australia . For instance , if you ' re looking for a natural vitamin C source for adults or for children , you could sprinkle Kakadu Plum on cereal or put it in your smoothie . If you ' re looking for an alternative protein source , you can look to Wattleseed , which is low GI , high protein , high fibre and a good source of iron and zinc . Lemon Myrtle , a vegan source of calcium that people can start to incorporate into their dishes to boost their products nutritionally , instead of looking for nutritionally dense foods from overseas .
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