Infuse Issue 13 May 2021 - Page 4

From the desk of Maree Ferguson

Founder & Director , Dietitian Connection

It ’ s hard to believe we ’ re almost half-way through 2021 ! Team DC have spent much of the first half of the year beavering away to bring you our firstever virtual Dietitians Unite experience – and boy , has it felt like a rollercoaster ! Although we ’ re disappointed that we won ’ t be able to dance with you in happiness in person , we know we ’ ll still have a magical day together via cyberspace .

Dietitians Unite is an opportunity for us to reflect on what ’ s important . Each year , we ’ re reminded of young dietitian Holly Butcher ’ s inspiring words . Holly heartbreakingly passed away from Ewing ’ s Sarcoma in 2018 . She penned an open letter with some incredibly meaningful messages that have now been seen by millions of people worldwide . In particular , we ’ re inspired by Holly ’ s advice to reach out to others , focus on meaningful experiences , disconnect from materialism , show kindness and love to others , and ultimately , seize the day – “ carpe diem ”.
In the theme of reflection , team DC have put together 20 things the past twelve months have taught us – a mixture of light-hearted musings and more thoughtful life lessons after the year that was 2020 , a year I ’ m sure we ’ ll all look back on like no other ! So , without further ado , here ’ s team DC ’ s 20 things 2020 taught us . We hope some of our learnings will resonate with you as much as they did team DC .
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