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nutritional and medicinal properties of these foods . The potential impact on health and the utilisation of these ingredients as a natural preservative is astounding . Watch this space !
You have to tell us about your favourite bush foods , the ones you like to cook with or eat .
Native ingredients have so many wonderful benefits from flavour to nutrition . In terms of flavour , I love Mountain Pepperberry . For a cooking novice ( like myself ), it is the easiest way to include native ingredients into your daily cooking . Simply substitute traditional pepper for Mountain Pepperberry in your pepper grinder and you will experience a peppery , sweet flavour unlike anything you have ever tasted . My other favourite from a flavour perspective is Davidson Plum . If you have ever bitten into a fresh davo , you will never forget it . It looks like an ordinary blood plum , but is extremely sour . It balances out a delicious dessert or rich meat with it ’ s cut through acidity . Think chocolate brownie with Davidson Plum or duck with a Davidson Plum sauce .
Images courtesy of Hayley Blieden
From a nutritional perspective , it ’ s hard to go past Kakadu Plum . This fruit is almost exclusively wild harvested by Indigenous Australians and contains the highest known natural source of Vitamin C of any food . There is also evidence that Kakadu Plum extract can be used as a natural preservative , to extend the shelf-life of fresh prawns by up to 7 days !
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