Infuse Issue 13 May 2021 - Page 37

work to pick and they ' re fruit that they bring in – but for them to come to work , their kids have to be in school . There ' s this whole follow-on effect within the community ."

Image courtesy of Alice Zaslavsky
Aniseed Myrtle
Antifungal and antimicrobial and a source of vitamin C , vitamin E and lutein
Mountain Pepperberry
✓ Rich in vitamin E , folate , zinc , calcium , magnesium , iron and lutein
Sandalwood Nuts
✓ Twice the protein and three-times the fibre of macadamias , rich in omega-9s
Desert Limes
Rich in vitamin C , vitamin E , calcium and lutein
Provide an abundance of polyphenolic compounds and contain iron , zinc , and Vitamin A
Above and beside images courtesy of @ austsuperfoods Reference : 1 . Australian Native Food and Botanicals
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