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For reducing the risk of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson ' s and Alzheimer ' s , intermittent fasting might make the brain more resilient and resistant to disease . There ' s also some research to show that intermittent fasting might be good for improved cognitive performance , particularly memory , and interestingly may help some people with the symptoms of depression and anxiety as well .
In what situations would you discuss intermittent fasting as a tool for your patients and clients ?
For generally healthy people who have a fairly good relationship with food and have a bit of stubborn weight to lose , or for people who have quite a long weight loss journey ahead of them and just want something that won ’ t make them feel hungry all the time .
In any situation , it ' s really important to be flexible . I call it sliding up and down the scale . Sliding up the scale might be for someone who wants to click into gear for a period of time while they lose a few kilos . They might be a little bit more focused and controlled with timing of eating , making sure that meals and snacks are really nourishing and getting some regular physical activity , too .
Sliding down the scale for someone who has a big work deadline coming up , for example , might mean instead of fasting for 16 hours and eating within eight hours , they eat within a 10 to 12-hour window . That ' s still beneficial . Being able to slide up and down the scale can really help to maintain this type of regime long term – it ’ s a lifestyle plan to maintain the health benefits of fasting and perhaps manage weight as well .
And who is intermittent fasting inappropriate for ?
X Anyone who ' s been a chronic dieter because it often turns into some sort of diet despite your best efforts
X Anyone with a history of an eating disorder or disordered eating Anyone with a complex medical history
X Anyone on medications that might affect their blood sugar levels
X Anyone that ' s under the age of 18 because they ’ re still growing and developing X Anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding because they ' ve got very high nutrient requirements
X Anyone over the age of 70-75
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