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Plant-based mince
Vegetarian sausages
- brekkie smoothie made of one cup of calcium-fortified soy milk , half a cup of rolled oats , one banana , a handful of baby spinach and 30g almonds calcium-fortified soy milk and a punnet of strawberries
a cup of cooked quinoa , roasted vegetables and a handful of salad leaves , dressed in extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar wholegrain crispbreads topped with a quarter of an avocado and hummus
cooked brown rice and vegetables ( e . g . onion , carrot , capsicum , broccoli , peas , corn ) muesli , 170g reduced-fat yoghurt and one passionfruit ( 1700kJ ) flat white coffee ( 420kJ )
Day Total = 6370kJ
tablespoons of hummus and one can of tuna , served with cherry tomatoes and baby cucumbers ( 1390kJ ) and a snack-pack of roasted chickpeas ( 760kJ )
of cauliflower and pumpkin , baked in one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil ( 2100kJ )
lentils , black beans , red kidney beans , baked beans )
– chocolate , lollies

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• 1 in 70 people have coeliac disease – a condition in which the body has an abnormal reaction to gluten . It is a life-long condition and the only treatment is a strict gluten free diet .
• Gluten is a naturally occurring protein found in wheat , rye , barley and oats . It is widespread throughout the food supply .
• Unless you have a medical need to do so , there is no benefit to avoiding gluten
Gluten containing foods
Unless labelled as gluten free … ⨯ Bread ⨯ Breakfast cereal ⨯ Pasta ⨯ Barley ⨯ Noodles ⨯ Bagels
⨯ Pastries and cakes
⨯ Pizza
⨯ Baked goods ( e . g . doughnuts , eclairs )
⨯ Biscuits and crackers
⨯ Couscous
⨯ Soy sauce
⨯ Spelt products ( bread , pasta , flour )
⨯ Beer
May contain gluten …
⨯ Pre-made sauces and dressings
⨯ Pre-made soups and stocks
⨯ Stock cubes
⨯ Ready-made meals
⨯ Condiments
⨯ Confectionary
⨯ Chocolate
⨯ Muesli bars
⨯ Potato crisps
⨯ Deep fried foods ( due to batter )
⨯ Processed meats like sausages and deli meats
Beware of cross-contamination
If gluten-free food comes in contact with gluten-containing food ( even in trace amounts ), that food is no longer coeliac-safe . Follow these seven tips to minimise the risk of cross contamination :
1 . New research suggests separate toasters are not necessary . Simply ensure your toaster is clean and it can be shared between gluten free and gluten containing bread
2 . Use separate , clean serving utensils and chopping boards for all gluten free foods
3 . Wash your hands thoroughly before preparing gluten free food
Gluten free foods ( Always double-check the ingredients list of packaged products )
✓ Rice ( including glutinous rice ) ✓ Quinoa ✓ Corn ✓ Buckwheat ✓ Sorghum ✓ Amaranth ✓ Gluten free bread ✓ Pasta made from rice , quinoa , corn , buckwheat , sorghum , amaranth
✓ Breakfast cereal made from rice , quinoa , corn , buckwheat , sorghum , amaranth ✓ Popcorn ✓ Fresh fruit ✓ Fresh vegetables ✓ Fresh meat , poultry and seafood ✓ Tofu ✓ Eggs ✓ Nuts and seeds ✓ Milk , yoghurt and cheese ( unflavoured / plain ) ✓ Legumes ( beans , chickpeas , lentils ) ✓ Oils ✓ Honey ✓ Gluten free vegemite ✓ Butter and margarine ✓ Tamari ( gluten free soy sauce ) ✓ Wine and spirits
4 . Have separate spreads and condiments to be used with gluten free products only ( butter , honey , jam , mayonnaise , etc .)
5 . Don ’ t cook gluten free pasta in the same water that has just cooked regular pasta
6 . Don ’ t deep-fry gluten free foods in oil that has been used to fry gluten-containing foods
7 . Store gluten free products in separate containers to gluten-containing ones
September 2020 , v1
• Vegetarian diets do not include meat , poultry or seafood . Some vegetarian diets include dairy foods and / or eggs . A vegan diet does not include any foods of animal origin .
• A well-planned , balanced vegetarian diet can easily meet all of your nutrition requirements . A vegan diet is particularly restrictive , so it ’ s important you see an Accredited Practising Dietitian to ensure your diet is nutritionally adequate .
• Pregnant or breastfeeding women , women planning a pregnancy and children have increased nutrient requirements , so careful dietary planning with the help of a dietitian is recommended .
Plant-based protein
• It is a myth that vegetarian diets are low in protein . It is very easy to get enough protein without eating animal foods .
• Soy milk , tofu , beans , chickpeas , lentils , nuts and seeds are good sources of plant-based protein . If included , eggs and dairy foods contribute a significant amount of protein as well .
• It is best to minimise your intake of vegetarian products that mimic animal foods ( e . g . vegetarian sausages , faux bacon and plant-based mince ). These foods are usually highly processed and often contain a lot of sodium and saturated fat , which is bad for heart health .
Healthy vegan day on a plate
SNACK – latte made with
LUNCH – lentil salad made of one cup of cooked green lentils , half
Nutrients to keep in mind
When removing animal foods from your diet , the nutrients those foods provide should be replaced with plant-based wholefood alternatives . Some important nutrients to keep in mind are :
Iron – transports oxygen around your body . It is found ¬ in legumes , some fortified grain products ( e . g . breakfast cereal , bread ), nuts and seeds . To boost iron
+ absorption , these foods should be consumed with a source of Vitamin C ( such as tomato , capsicum or orange ).
Calcium – supports strong bones and teeth . Ensure your non-dairy alternative is fortified with at least 100mg calcium per 100mL .
Vitamin B12 – plays a key role in proper functioning of your blood and nervous system . It is only found naturally in animal foods . If eggs and dairy are not in your diet , you must consume foods fortified with vitamin B12 or a supplement . Speak to your dietitian to find which one is best for you .
Omega-3 fatty acids – support a healthy heart and brain . Include flaxseed oil , chia seeds and walnuts in your diet regularly .
Zinc – important for wound healing . It is found in nuts , legumes and wholegrains .
SNACK – four
DINNER - fried rice made of 170g firm tofu , one cup
April 2021 , v1
• You do not need to go on a fad diet to achieve and Five nutrition tips for successful maintain a healthy weight . weight loss
- A well-balanced diet including all five food groups is key – grains , protein , dairy , fruit and vegetables . There is no need to avoid any food group when
1 . Eat regular meals 2 . Follow the healthy trying to lose weight . Doing so will mean your diet that provide musclebuilding protein , gut- half a plate of non-
plate model . This is is nutritionally inadequate . - Exercise is integral to weight management .
loving fibre and energygiving low-GI carbs . This quarter of a plate of
starchy vegetables , a
It helps to build muscle , boost your trio of nutrients helps protein and a quarter metabolism and to satisfy you and keep of a plate of carbs . This burn energy . It is hunger pangs at bay . helps to get the right also essential for balance of nutrients your heart and 3 . Limit beverages while keeping kilojoule mental health . other than water . Soft content in check .
• There is no such drink , juices , cordials , thing as a quick energy drinks and
4 . Limit discretionary fix . Fad diets don ’ t alcohol can contribute food . All foods belong work . They are a lot of unnecessary in a healthy diet , but overly restrictive and nutritionally inadequate . kilojoules . Minimising treats should not be your intake of them is consumed every single
• Don ’ t focus on the scales . The way you feel , how an easy way to reduce day . Instead , plan your clothes fit and your waist circumference are your kilojoule intake . one or two special other good guides . occasions each week
• Don ’ t obsess over calories but be mindful of your 5 . Keep a food diary . for you to mindfully intake . As a guide , less than 6300kJ per day will This can help you to be enjoy your favourite achieve weight loss for most people . more mindful around food , like a small
• Set realistic goals . Just 5 % weight loss can have a food and identify chocolate bar or a big impact on your overall health . Start small and situations of nonhungry eating . you don ’ t feel deprived
scoop of ice cream , so re-assess incrementally . .
Weight loss day on a plate
BREAKFAST - half a cup of natural
SNACK – one skim
LUNCH – four corn thins topped with two
SNACK – one nectarine
DINNER - 100g baked salmon served with one cup each
April 2021 , v1
If you are under weight or have recently lost weight without trying , or you have a poor appetite , you may be recommended to eat a high protein high energy diet . Eating foods that are high in kilojoules ( calories ) and muscle-building protein will help you to gain weight , build strength and recover quickly from illness .
High Protein and / or High Energy Oil
You will have more energy to : Dried
• Do the things you love to do fruit
Meat Seafood
• Stay active Cream / sour
Cheese cream
• Give you strength to do your everyday Milk
Pastry activities fortified Chicken with skim
• Remain independent
Tinned tuna / milk powder salmon
• Prevent weight loss and / or increase weight
Honey / maple Avocado
Tofu Eggs syrup / jam
Nuts and Yoghurt
10 ways to increase your
Soft seeds drink protein and energy
High protein Butter / and energy margarine supplements Muffin
1 . Aim for 6 small meals across the day or to eat every 1-2 hours
Legumes ( chickpeas ,
Peanut butter
2 . Have small snacks between meals . Even if Ice cream you are not hungry , try a few mouthfuls 3 . Keep food you enjoy in the cupboard and fridge Peanut butter
Yogurt with Hummus with pita bread on toast with Have ready to eat meals available in the fruit bananas
4 . fridge / freezer
5 . Eat your high energy and protein foods first at mealtimes
Tinned tuna with Include high energy / protein drinks
Dried fruit and
6 . mayo on wholegrain throughout the day nuts ( trail mix ) crackers
7 . Cook food in extra oil , butter or cream beans on
8 . Add grated cheese , cream , butter , oil and / Eggs toast or high protein and energy supplements to meals like soups , casseroles , smoothies
Muffin and even porridge 9 . Add nuts , seeds and maple syrup to ice cream , custard and yoghurt
10 . Add avocado and mayonnaise to Smoothie with milk and / sandwiches or high protein and energy supplement and fruit
September 2020 , v1
Cheese & crackers

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