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The other half of Talia ’ s working week is spent in private practice . Initially working for someone else , Talia has recently taken a leap of faith and gone out on her own , after seeing the demand for eating disorder services grow throughout the pandemic . In terms of her client load in private practice , Talia says it ’ s a bit of a mixed bag . “ I see people that are struggling with all types of eating disorders … they might ’ ve experienced years of dieting or obsessive eating … Their physical health is stable , but they want to improve their relationship with food .”

“ I love working in eating disorders because I ’ m such a foodie . I have a really healthy relationship with food – and I ’ m passionate about helping people rediscover theirs .”

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Talia is active on social media , with a growing audience of almost 10,000 followers on Instagram . “ Showing up for the community is what fuels my fire . It keeps me going ,” said Talia . Recently , Talia created an innovative 30-Day Food Rule Challenge , the impetus for which was the never-ending conversation around diets at the turn of the New Year . “ We know on January 1 , everyone is thinking about going on another diet . I thought it was ridiculous – why do people have to see all of this diet talk ?!”
To combat the nutrition nonsense , Talia ran an Instagram Live every day in January , during which she sat down with her community and ate something she knows is a challenge for a lot of people ( think :
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